Our Team

Executive Board
(Every board member will be able to be selected, but the pages "learn about " haven’t been completed yet.) 

Johnny Magaña

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Christopher Almaraz

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Alexis Castro

Chief Public Affairs Officer

Eduardo "Eddie" Magaña

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chief Operating Office U.S.

Robert Weinert Jr.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Project Coordinator

Jessie Bautista

Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Project Coordinator

Reynaldo Padilla

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Fernando Vazquez

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Chief Marketing officer (El Salvador Department)

Frances Monret

Chief Marketing Officer Mexico (CIO) / Project Coordinator

Hoormazd Cyrus Kia

Web Consultant